We care because we've been there

BeLIFTED's mission is to be a bright light in an imperfect world. Our goal is to LIFT you up to be the best version of you, one with your best skin.

Our promise to you,

As we grow, we will grow in the good that we contribute.

April Billingsley       Valerie Hinkle

How are we making skincare better?

"I spent years searching for solutions for my complicated skin. Eventually, it became clear that what I wanted didn't exist, so I created it...

I studied cosmetic chemistry. I researched ingredients relentlessly. My skin began glowing, and my friends and family took notice. They began to ask what I was doing. Soon, my products were helping them achieve their best skin too!


I started BeLIFTED Botanicals to share these products with everyone that needs them. It is my sincere hope that they help you just as much as they have helped me and my loved ones."

-April Billingsley

Founder & CEO


“I began my skin care journey as a teenager struggling with crippling acne that followed me into adulthood. 


I tried everything from prescription medicines to painful treatments. Everything I tried was either ineffective or too harsh. I didn't understand why I had to suffer while others didn't seem to have to worry at all about their skin.

I spent a small fortune without prevail, until April shared BeLIFTED with me. It helped to heal my complicated skin, and I knew it had to be shared with the world.” 

-Valerie Hinkle

Founder &  COO

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Our active ingredients check all the boxes

Microbiome Nourishing
Low comedogenic ratings
Protection from the Elements
Soothing and calming for complicated skin

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